ALFC- SGV Ministries

Empower 2 Purpose

Empower 2 Purpose is a Women's ministry of Abundant Living Family Church-SGV founded by Pastor Tamala Kelly.  It is our deepest desire to see women from all walks of life come in to the full knowledge of  God, and live out their unique purpose given to them by their Heavenly Father.  That they will have the power and be strong to apprehend how deep God's love is for them.  It is our prayer that women recognize that their past does not disqualify them from being used powerfully by God, He knew your past and yet He still called you!  Imagine that. He takes great pleasure in making the ashes of your past beautiful.

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The Watchmen

ALFC-SGV Men’s Ministry, The Watchmen, was founded by Pastor William Kelly. It's primary  purpose is to actively pursue all men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training God’s man in Christ.  The heartbeat of this ministry is to build strong men, fathers, husbands, and leaders to make a godly impact in their homes, communities and the world. 



Our preschoolers are a dynamic group of kids who meet each week to experience hands on activities, interactive praise and worship, creative storytelling, and themed lessons in a secure and nurturing setting. Our desire is to see children grow in their understanding of how much Christ loves them, and to have them learn basic Biblical truths. 


Our early elementary children experience a vibrant, engaging environment. We utilize video, object lessons, a dynamic challenging curriculum, high-energy praise and worship, games, and contests. Each week kids will discover God's amazing truths as they dive in and explore God's Word for themselves. We recognize that at this age relationships are so important, which is why it is our desire to create an environment where children get to interact before, during, and after service with kids their age. 


Junior Elementary is a passionate group of kids who are on fire for Christ. Each week you will find children engaged in a service filled with exciting media, dynamic praise and worship, impactful and challenging lessons, games and more games! We endeavor to save, equip, and send out young ones who are prepared to be soul-winners for Jesus Christ.